Recent Roles

Courtney just wrapped on the set of the music video for Kirsty Kraus' "Thirsty" and is super excited for its upcoming release!

Recording has wrapped for the audiobook "Maz'Hura"  and Courtney cannot wait for it to be available. It truly will change the way you hear audiobooks forever.

"Boom" A Serial Drama Podcast Season 4 (the final season) has premiered, with Courtney as the voice of Alison Moretti.Click  here to listen to "Boom"


Courtney is currently in the studio recording the audiobook for "Yun'sara" by Paul Centeno. This is the sequel to "Maz'Hura"  and is proving to be just as enthralling as its predecessor!!

Courtney is also thrilled to announce her upcoming role as Lindsey McNeil in the new television series 

The Ascendants

(an Imagistorm Productions Original)

The show is currently in pre-production to film its pilot episode!
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