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Recent Roles


Courtney recently wrapped on the set of the music video for Ian Flanigan's (the Voice Season 19 contestant) "Under the Southern Sky"

The music video for Abstract's Solving My Own Murder has been released and has already received praise from fans! Courtney had such a fantastic time on set for this music video and is excited for it to be out in the world!

The audiobook for "Zy'ventum"  (the fourth book in the Maz'Hura series) by Paul L. Centeno has wrapped and will soon be available everywhere you listen to audiobooks! Courtney is thrilled with how the production has turned out, however, feels bittersweet. She has come to know and love these characters that she's brought to life over the course of these 4 novels and she will miss them dearly!


Courtney is gearing up to be on set for Mad Tabby/Story Ark film's "Libra" as Veronica. She is incredibly excited about this Psychological Thriller!
She is also preparing for No Signal Picture's newest film "Save Yourself" cast in the leading role of Darlene! This Sci-Fi story will have you on the edge of your seat! Courtney is so excited to begin working on this role and even more excited to share it with the world!

Courtney is also thrilled to be embarking on a new journey as a host and co-founder of 

The Sights and Sounds Podcast

Be sure to join her and her co-host Jonathan as they chat filmmaking, creativity, and their journey toward their first full feature film!

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