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Ride or Die Beauty Products: 2022

Ok, I've been wanting to write this one for a while, and since it's rainy and cold outside I've got myself curled up under a blanket and ready to type like a madwoman! I've been posting a lot of Seint stuff lately, and while I do love it (and I venture to say I have an addiction to it) I did say a while back that it's not the only brand I use! So I figured today is as good a day as any to walk you all through what's in my vanity! Let's get to it, shall we?

My mama always says, "if you take care of your skin, your skin will take care of you" and oh how right she is! I'd like to begin by stating that I have combination skin (lately more oily ...thanks hormones!) and while a lot of the products I list here will benefit any skin type please be sure to do your research on your own skin and know what's best for you! Over the years I've been kind of all across the board when it comes to what cleansers and exfoliants I use. Not because I haven't found something that works, but because our environment is ever-changing, and our skin is our first defense! So why would my skincare routine stay the same for 15+ years when I'm not even in the same place doing the same things as I was 15 years ago? That said before we get to what I do right away in the morning to give my skin some love, let's talk about what I do the night before!

Sleep is so important, not only for the mind but for your skin too! When we sleep there's increased blood flow to our skin. Allowing it to rebuild its collagen and repair damage from our daily lives. There's a reason why it's called "beauty sleep." And if you're taking care of your skin, you're going to sleep with a clean face (and not your makeup from the day *cough* high school Courtney *cough*.) To set yourself up for a perfect canvas the next morning it's important to get your skin nice and clean so that it can breathe while you sleep.

  1. When I've been wearing a full face of makeup all day or even just my sunscreen I like to go in with an oil-based cleanser. Now I know that my oily skin friends just cringed but hear me out! I do something that's called "double cleansing" in the evenings. I start off with an oil-based cleanser because it has the power to break down makeup, grime, and dirt accumulated throughout the day. Allowing my second cleanser to actually do its job! Neutrogena makes an amazing Ultra-Light Cleansing Oil. That I have nothing but good things to say about.

  2. I follow the first cleansing with a gentle foaming cleanser. I'm currently using First Aid Beauty's Pure Skin Gentle Foaming Face Cleanser doing a "double cleansing" method like this ensures you get rid of the majority of the dirt and makeup with the first wash and get deep into the pores with your second wash. Which means there's less grime sitting in your pores causing breakouts! It also opens up your pores so they can breathe as you sleep!

  3. I end my evening routine with a Niacinamide serum. Niacinamide is an anti-inflammatory and in serum form it helps reduce redness from current acne, but also gets down into your pores and regulates oil production, preventing future breakouts! The Ordinary's Niacinamide & Zinc Serum is hands down my favorite. So affordable but does its job like none other! I really really really love all of The Ordinary's products.

  1. Yup! You guessed it! I wash my face again. Our skin produces oil as we sleep. Plus... we drool and shed skin cells and all kinds of gross yet beautiful things in our sleep. So yeah, we're gonna wash that all off. Most mornings I use my First Aid Beauty Pure Skin Gentle Foaming Face Cleanser but two to three times a week I use my Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Face Scrub exfoliating your skin two to three times a week helps remove dead skin cells and also any excess dirt making your skin radiate! Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Face Scrub exfoliating your skin two to three times a week helps remove dead skin cells and also any excess dirt making your skin radiate!

  2. I follow with The Ordinary's Niacinamide & Zinc Serum (yes morning and evening) there's a reason why this is on my ride or die list. Using this serum daily has changed my complexion for the better and I am in love.

  3. Sunscreen! The best way to love on your skin is to protect it! I like to use an SPF 15 or 30. CeraVe makes an awesome one that doubles as a moisturizer. And guess what?! It has Niacinamide in it!

I will say that these are my current products and I have loved them for a very long time. However, I'm a curious one. I've heard some amazing things about Tula Skincare and have seen it first-hand do wonderful things for a friend's skin! So when my current ride or die products run out I think I'm going to be placing an order for some Tula Skincare. If you already use Tula please comment on your experience below! I am VERY curious about it and will absolutely be writing a blog post about my experience with it when I do get my hands on it!!

This is my favorite part. What's better than treating yourself to a little self-care. These are my go-to items for a little extra love for my skin!

  1. This Dead Sea Mud Mask Ughhh I just love this mask! It leaves my skin feeling so clean and soft! I've also noticed it helps soothe any breakouts I get!

  2. Grace + Stella make these amazing little Collagen Under-eye Masks that I have to say, after a month of using them they have reduced the puffiness under my eyes, brightened my under-eye, and helped reduce fine lines! Absolutely recommend.

  3. You want an exfoliating experience that's not only satisfying but super effective? Theraderm NuPeel is absolutely mind-blowing! It's an enzyme peel that will leave you feeling like you have a whole new face! Plus scrubbing it off is a tactile experience all its own.

Buckle up friends, this will be a long one. As I said earlier in this post, I love my Seint products but they're not the only things in my vanity! So let's dive into my favorite makeup products in general!!

Since the day my mom told me I was allowed to wear makeup (which I think I was 13? lol) I've been obsessed with trying to find products that would make me look like the girls in the magazines. Well, then I learned what Photoshop was and felt a bit better about the struggles of my endeavor. That didn't mean I couldn't keep trying though, right? Just with a healthier view of what beauty really was. Anyway here are some of my ride-or-die foundation choices (in no particular order.)

  1. Tarte Face Tape Foundation: Wow, okay where to begin? It's lightweight, buildable coverage, silky smooth. Ugh, just a wonderful foundation. I love Tarte products and this is easily my favorite liquid foundation out there. I work in the film industry and I've always loved how this foundation comes across on camera. It gives a blurred, velvet effect that looks just classicly beautiful.

  2. Seint IIID Foundation: If you've spent any time on this site you'll know that I have an absolute obsession with Seint products. IIID Foundation is unique when it comes to cream makeup because it's designed to have your whole face in one layer. So there are different levels of color when it comes to a full face of foundation. Highlight + Contour = Foundation. This makeup is made of beeswax so not only is cream makeup better for your skin this stuff is cleaner for your skin to boot! It's got buildable coverage but is lightweight and moves with your skin giving you a naturally perfect glow and a three-dimensional healthy look. Seint actually just came out with premade starter collections so you can find your own shade level and get a taste of what IIID foundation is like. However, if you want to get colors that are specifically fine-tuned for you I highly suggest getting a Free Color Match by a trained and knowledgeable artist with the company. Click here for a free color match by me! I am currently using this product and it's going to take a lot to pull me away from it you honestly can't beat the price of the products for the quality, just super affordable and they last forever.

  3. Lancome Dual Finish Pressed Powder: I actually had this in my makeup bag for my wedding for touchups, and wow! It's called Dual Finish because you can apply it wet or dry and the coverage is incredible! Especially for a pressed powder! It has a soft airbrushed finish to it that looks flattering on literally any skin type. Plus the compact is well, compact! Pop it into your bag and you're good to go for the day! This product also blends well with other products, so no worries about a cakey mess happening with your blush and foundation!

If you've seen my video on the basics of contouring you have a good understanding by now of why it's important. I look back at pictures of myself in middle school/ high school and cringe because back then I thought all I needed was foundation and some blush. Woof.

Contour helps shape the face. And depending on what foundations you're using you should probably stick to the same medium so as not to cause a cakey thick application. Here are a few of my favorites!

  1. Seint IIID Foundation Contour : This is the contour counterpart to the IIID foundation set. Seint has an amazing array of cream colors so it doesn't matter what skin tone you are you will find a match. That said, this is made to work with the IIID Foundation makeup. I go back to how these products are designed to be applied all in one layer. Click Here for a quick little example of how IIID foundation works. This is hands down my favorite contour, even if you're using a different cream makeup or prefer cream contours absolutely check this one out. It blends so incredibly well and creates probably the most natural-looking contour I've ever seen in a makeup product. I'll quote myself from the foundation section: " Seint actually just came out with premade starter collections so you can find your own shade level and get a taste of what IIID foundation is like. However, if you want to get colors that are specifically fine-tuned for you I highly suggest getting a Free Color Match by a trained and knowledgeable artist with the company. Click here for a free color match! I am currently using this product and it's going to take a lot to pull me away from it you honestly can't beat the price of the products for the quality, just super affordable and they last forever."

  2. NYX Bronzer Matte: I will sing the praises of NYX any chance I get. All of their products are absolute rockstars for the price and you really can't beat that. NYX's bronzers come in a lot of really beautiful natural-looking shades and work well with many other makeup brands. I do highly suggest using a pressed powder like this if you're using a liquid foundation or powder foundation. You'll find it plays nicer and doesn't come out as an ashy mess of mixed products.

  3. Tarte Shape Tape: Yes, I know this is technically a concealer, but getting this product in a color that's about 3 shades darker than your foundation will actually work as a gorgeous contour. I really love Tarte and everything they make and Shape Tape has a really beautiful consistency when blended into your makeup.

I'm not as big of a stickler on blush as I am with a lot of other makeup components. I usually just look for one that's decently pigmented and blends well. Honestly, if a brand has a color I like I'll usually go for it.

  1. LORAC Color Source: My LORAC blush is probably my favorite of the blushes I own. It's lasted me for years because it's so beautifully pigmented that a little goes a very very long way. It blends well with pretty much any product medium and has long-lasting color! It's definitely the most expensive blush I own, but if you're looking to splurge definitely try this product out!

  2. Seint Lip & Cheek Colors: Okay, these are actually really cool. They are appropriately named "Lip and Cheek" because they serve dual purposes. They're both lip colors and cheek colors! And holy cow does Seint have some absolutely gorgeous colors to choose from in this category. The Lip and Cheek tins come in three different formats: Gloss, Satin, and Semi Gloss. Each one offers a different look which I personally think is so cool! Your glossy colors

create a subtle and glowy appearance. I love these for summertime because it just enhances that summer glow! Satin has a more pigmented and matte finish so when you want to look like you are radiant and healthy in the middle of winter these will do the trick! Semi Gloss is a good middle ground between the two. I personally am obsessed with the Satin color Saffron it's this gorgeous pinky-red hue that's literally the perfect all-season blush color! What's a plus is that these colors are so incredibly pigmented that one tin will last you a year or more! Making it probably the most affordable blush I've ever used! The Lip and Cheek colors play well with any makeup too! So even if you're not using the IIID foundation you can still fall in love with these!!

3. Mabelline FIT Me Blush:

If you're in need of a good drugstore blush look no further! Maybelline makes some awesome decently pigmented blushes that come in a vast array of colors! They blend well and don't end up looking cakey.

We're all looking for the perfect lip color. From just bitten to a bold red lip! Here are some of the best ones I've found over the years.

  1. Sephora Cream Lip Stain: It doesn't matter what color you're looking for, these lip stains come in pretty much any color you can think of. They absolutely do not budge and they don't bleed either! If you're looking for a great matte lip color this one is for you!

  2. Seint Lip & Cheek Colors: We went over this a bit in the blush section so I'll just quote myself from above: "They're both lip colors and cheek colors! And holy cow does Seint have some absolutely gorgeous colors to choose from in this category. The Lip and Cheek tins come in three different formats: Gloss, Satin, and Semi Gloss." Each one offers a different look which I personally think is so cool! Your glossy colors create a subtle hint of color with a glossy finish. I love these for that "just bitten" pop of color on my lips. Satin has a more pigmented and matte cream finish the color Scarlet is an absolutely stunning bold red. Semi Gloss is a good middle ground between the other two formats. I haven't had any issues with any of the bolder colors feathering or bleeding. Though these will wear off throughout the day, thankfully you can pop them into a small Pallete 4 and put it in your bag for touchups!

  3. NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment: If you haven't noticed already, I love matte lipstick. What I don't love is when it dries out my lips and causes them to crack. I have never had this issue with my NARS liquid lipsticks! This stuff will last all day and comes in absolutely gorgeous colors! I will say though one warning, maybe set your red lip with a light dusting of translucent powder. This stuff has a tendency to somehow get on your fingers and then you end up touching your white shirt or your face or someone else and suddenly everything is your lip color. Set with that powder and you won't have that issue! I learned the hard way.

Mmmm. One of my favorite things about makeup is the fun I can have with my eyes! Here are some of my favorite eyeliners, eyeshadows, and mascaras!

  1. Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner This one gets ALL the praise from me. Its fine tip allows for so much control to get that perfect wing. It really is waterproof I mean this stuff doesn't budge at all. And the pen lasts a really long time without drying out like a lot of felt tip eyeliners do.

  2. NYX Epic Wear Liquid Eyeliner If I don't have the money to splurge on the Stila liner I reach for this one. Again, I go back to the fact that NYX makes highly affordable products that are just top-notch for drugstore makeup. The longevity of this product is fantastic and it doesn't smudge. Highly recommended.

  3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Palletes: Wow, I mean if you want to talk about pigment and blendabilty (I know that's probably not a real word but still) just, wow! I love any palette of eyeshadow I've ever gotten from this brand. Just absolutely gorgeous colors.

  4. Seint Beauty Eyeshadow: These little eyeshadow tins pack a huge punch, y'all! Seriously! Some of the best pigmented and blendable colors I've ever found. If for some reason someday I find a makeup brand that I like better for foundation and contouring... I will still be going back to Seint for eyeshadow colors.

The best part? You buy them individually, so rather than spending $50 on a pre-made eyeshadow palette when there are really only two colors in there that you were wanting. That $50 can go a long way toward building your own custom eyeshadow palette. These eyeshadows are so pigmented that a very little amount goes an incredibly long way. And they have a wide array of colors. I just love these eyeshadows. Bonus! Every tin of makeup you buy through Seint (highlights, contours, eyeshadows, etc...) gives you credit toward a palette carrier. So you may even end up getting a free palette as you shop! Gotta love that! 5. Morphe Cosmetics: Honestly, Morphe doesn't make a single bad product. Their eyeshadow palettes, though happen to be one of my favorites for all of the same reasons as the other eyeshadows I've recommended. Great pigment. Great colors. Blendable and rather affordable! Enough said.

6. Urban Decay Primer Potion:

Y'all, if you don't want your eyeshadow to crease or even think about wearing off you absolutely cannot beat Urban Decay's Primer Potion. Holy wow! I have been using this stuff since middle school and I absolutely love it!! It's velvety and doesn't feel greasy like a lot of other primers do. It also helps make your eyeshadow colors pop! It's just an absolutely wonderful product!

7. Tarte Maneater Mascara: I have nothing but amazing things to say about this mascara. It can take my wimpy eyelashes and make them look full and defined. It doesn't clump like other mascaras will, but also won't make your lashes look like spider legs. As you wear it throughout the day it doesn't dry up and cause fallout either!

8. Thrive Mascara:

Ok, this stuff is incredible, and I'm not just saying that. Thrive promises longer-looking lashes that mimic extensions and they deliver! You all see me wearing falsies a lot and that's because I have the most pathetic eyelashes. This mascara when I can get my hands on it is my favorite thing in the world. However, beware if applied incorrectly it can look spidery and clumpy.

Okay, y'all we've come to the final section of my extremely long blog post today! I'm sure there's a ton that I've missed or just didn't think of so I'm sure this will be a blog series that gets written again and again with newly updated items. Let's go over one of the most important steps in my beauty routine, in my opinion. Setting powders, setting sprays, and primers. These two items are so important because you can work so hard on your absolutely gorgeous face but if you don't set yourself up for success and hit the metaphorical save button all that hard work was for nothing!

  1. Tarte Base Tape Primer: This one is my go-to now and forever. Period. It's a lightweight water-based primer (that smells amazing by the way) which is far more healthy for your skin. A lot of the "matte" or "blurring" primers have silicone in them and that's just really terrible for your skin! Plus (okay gonna get on my soapbox here for a second) everyone has pores!!!!! Stop trying to erase the texture of your skin. You will never do it. Why? Because you're human. We have bumps and flaws and texture to our skin and it tells our story. Magazines and Instagram models will try to make you believe that they have no pores and just perfectly smooth skin and it's a bald-faced lie!! What's worse is that those silicone primers and silicone products are creating worse texture on your skin because you aren't letting it breathe! Go for water-based. You'll thank me later. This primer does its job without making my pores congested. It's wonderful and so are you. Treat your skin to this stuff if you're going to use a primer.

  2. Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder: You'll spend a pretty penny on this, but it's absolutely worth it if you can afford the splurge! Most setting powders leave you cakey or cause creasing under your eyes. Not this product. It leaves me with a beautiful airbrushed finish that is to die for. Yes, a bit up there on the price scale, but absolutely worth it.

  3. Seint Vanilla Dust Setting Powder: Looking to declutter your vanity or makeup bag and are tired of a clunky powder container floating around? Seint makes an amazing setting powder that packs a lot of product into a small tin! Don't be fooled by its small size though, the Vanilla dust setting powder is powerful and a small amount goes a very long way! It sets makeup beautifully without leaving it looking cakey and keeps the shine away!

  4. MAC Prep+Prime Fix Plus: This one can double as a primer and a setting spray. I absolutely love it. It gives a good in-between of a matte and dewy finish and really does fix your makeup in place all day long. This is the product for those of you who want to "set it and forget it."

  5. Seint Setting Spray: As you can tell I have just nothing but good things to say about Seint products. They honestly speak for themselves and the same goes for their setting spray. Your makeup isn't going anywhere with this baby!

Woof! That was a lot of writing! While I'm sure there are things I've forgotten about this is a super full list of my favorite products. I'll probably end up making this a blog series, especially as I find new products to love and share with you all! I hope this was helpful in some way for you thanks for sticking with me to the end of this super long post. I love ya so much!

Love always,

Courtney xoxo

Curious about Seint? Want a FREE Seint Color Match? Click the button below, I'd be happy to get you matched up with your most perfect shades!

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