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My honest review of Seint products.

Okay, so here's the deal...

A while back my good friend was raving to me about this new makeup she had started using. It was this minimal-ingredient, cream makeup that came in these little tins and fit into a cute little magnetic palette. Frankly, I cringed. Having worked in the theatre for a vast majority of my life I heard "cream makeup" and instantly was reminded of the greasy, cakey, zit-inducing stage makeup we theatre kids know all too well. There's no way that a makeup like that could possibly be a good choice for everyday use. So I nodded and smiled and let a lot of what she was saying go in one ear and out the other. A beauty brand that touts "5 minute makeup! One brush, one palette, whole face!" just sounded scammy to me. With all of the products out there this one had to be just another MLM that was pushing a sub-par product for the sake of recruiting minions beneath them. Right?

When she came to me saying that she was becoming an Artist with the company my immediate reaction was one of dismay. "My God, I was losing my bestie to the 'Hey Girrrrrl' Mafia." Regardless, I've been trying to dilute my cynical side a bit more in favor of lifting people up. Especially the people I love.

So back in May Ken and I were passing through town on our way back down to Nashville after some wedding planning, and we decided to pitstop at our friend's for the night. A couple of glasses of wine later and I cracked and asked my friend to show me this "magic makeup." I was so ready to rip this product to shreds, being a self-proclaimed makeup connoisseur and all. However, as I was playing with it I was finding my previous assumptions were being disproven. And for those of you who know me personally, I hate being wrong. I was actually enjoying the experience with this product. And it annoyed the heck out of me! Honestly, I felt like the freakin' Grinch when his heart grew three sizes. UGH! Yes it was a cream makeup, but it somehow wasn't greasy or thick on my skin. It blended beautifully and gave a sort of lightweight yet full coverage look. So I put my pride away and decided to hear my friend out. I hardly bought any makeup during the pandemic (because well, where the heck was I going?) and I was starting to run low on my tried-and-true products. I crunched the numbers and realized that the price to get myself a palette through Seint was less expensive than what it would be for me to restock my whole makeup kit... so it was now or never if I was going to give this brand the ole college try. Fast forward almost 6 months and this makeup is a full-fledged staple in my every day beauty routine. Now, don't get me wrong. Seint is not the only product I use, I'm not about to tell you that it is the be-all-end-all when it comes to makeup. I have refined my makeup bag because of this product, and will continue to do so. (More blog posts about what other products I use on the daily to come.)

Now that we've gotten my little story out of the way I do want to give you all an honest pro and con list. And I'd like to remind you all that these are purely my opinions. My word isn't law. I'm just super tired of vague and impersonal makeup reviews. So! Here we go!



Cream makeup that isn't cakey or greasy

Easy to waste product by using more than needed.

Sleek compact design to make your makeup bag smaller!

Some of the powder illuminators can get crumbly and end up messy in palette.

Brushes with dual heads. Space saving and helpful for quick application.

Using brushes that weren't designed for this makeup can end up retaining more product than distributing.

Incredibly easy to blend, and blends well with all components. Truly making it a one layer full face makeup.

Cannot be used with any silicone based primers. Silicone will break down the components of the makeup. (Opt for a water-based primer instead.)

Buildable! Can be a light coverage application or built up to full coverage!

When first starting out, it can be easy to use too much product on face which will result in caking and creasing.

Once you get the hang of this makeup's technique a full face of makeup can be done in minutes flat!!

There is a slight learning curve to using the product.

​Fantastic for all skin types - if skin is prepped properly.

Makeup tins can last for months! Making the overall cost of this makeup less than many leading and drugstore brands.

Free returns!

Sleek and appealing branding/ product design.

Super easy to add up points and get discounted if not free makeup when you host a party link!!

Minimal ingredients! Your skin absorbs 64% of what you put on it! Less is more in soooo many ways!

I honestly have been sitting here staring at these pros and cons trying to come up with more cons! I'm setting it in my calendar to do an updated pro and con list after one full year of use! Hold me to it y'all! Hopefully, you've watched the video I've made at the beginning of this blog post and have been able to form your own opinions based on the information I've given. I'm happy to say that as someone who went from non-believer to having a full blown obsession over this product I too have become an Artist with the company! I promise your girl isn't going to become a "hey girrrrrl." I just really believe in this product! If you're at all interested in knowing more click the button below for a FREE color match! I'd be happy to help you out!

Love always,


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